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clinical canine massage tReatments - what to expect

As a Clinical Canine Massage Therapist I acknowledge and respect the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 and Exemption Order 2015 by never working upon an animal without gaining prior veterinary consent. As stated by the RCVS, "physiotherapy" is interpreted as including all kinds of manipulative therapy (Section 19.21).  


Therefore, the step of the process is to download the Veterinary Consent Form, complete and forward to your Veterinary Surgery.  You can download a form here.

First Appointment

The first appointment will last approx. 90mins, as it includes a full background consultation, posture (the way your dogs stands and gait (the way your dog moves) analysis, as well as an initial Palpation and general Assessment of your dog's muscular health.  This is followed by a 60 min treatment.

Home Care Advice will be provided at the end of this Appointment.

Please note that I will not be able to provide your dog with a treatment without a signed Veterinary Consent Form.

Subsequent Treatments
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It is recommend to have 2 further treatments 3 - 5 weeks apart for optimum results of the therapy.   These sessions will each last approx. 60 mins and will include a mix of Swedish, Sports and Deep Tissue Massage, along with Myofascial Release.  


I will also use range of movement to assess your dogs joints, as well as assess for Orthopaedic Conditions.  Each session will include a short consultation on any changes from the previous treatment along with any further Aftercare Advice.  


After the 3rd Session I will provide a written report to your referring Veterinary Surgeon detailing my assessment and your dog's response to Massage Therapy.

Maintenance Treatments
Dog Contest

After the 3rd session, you may decide to use regular maintenance treatments in order to help continue to improve your dog's general well-being.  


The first 3 sessions will have shown if Clinical Canine Massage will be an effective treatment to help your dog with chronic pain or mobility management.  I also offer routine appointments to sporting dogs, such as Agility, Flyball and Cani-Cross, to help prepare or recover from strenuous training and competition.

All dogs are different and I will work with you to decide on how often these treatments should be, but this would generally be around 4 - 6 weeks apart.

Where will treatments take place & cost

Currently, I am only able to offer home visits, but plan to be able to offer Clinic Appointments in Basingstoke from Autumn 2021.  

Treatment Costs are £40.  Travel costs may be applied for home visits more than 15 miles from Basingstoke. 

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